How I got into Animation.

For those of you who have been following this blog, you’ll notice that I’ve had to be creative and come up with unconventional methods to win every job I ever got.

Well, my first job in the animation biz was no different.

One day I came across this 3D animation magazine and was struck by its cover. It had this really well built, well-rendered animated character that had me in awe. Thinking it was the coolest thing I had ever seen, I felt compelled to find out who its creator was and contact them. Living in Ottawa Canada at the time, it ended up that this image I was so drawn to was created by a commercial animation studio in Toronto called Red Rover.

I sent out an email immediately to tell them how it would be a dream to work for their company, and asked if they needed anyone. They replied back asking to see my portfolio and when I sent it over, they responded saying they were a little doubtful about my skills being up to snuff.

In my heart, I knew this to be true. But believing in the impossible, I answered back telling them that I’m aware of the current level of my work, but that I feel that it’s not the greatest representation of my true skill. I then went on to propose a challenge. (Yup, you read right… a challenge).

With balls of steel and guts of glory, here’s the tail end of an email exchange between the head animation supervisor and myself:


Email between Kyle Levey @ Red Rover and me:

You wrote…

<I had a thought… since I have nothing else animation wise to show you… maybe you could send me a model of something you’ve made…tell me what you want it to do, and I’ll send it back to you animated… even tell me how fast you want it done.

I figure this is a better idea, than me telling you I’m a better animator than what I have to show for.>



I’m Kyle Levy, Animation Supervisor here at Rover. I have been looking for an animator to help me complete our upcoming spots. The superman test I saw was descent but not enough info to tell if you are up to the challenge that would be involved with this job.

So… I have attached an audio clip for you. Take it and do your thing. If it’s good, you’re in.

Use your superman character. Make it waist up shot and show me good ACTING and LIP SYNC. Send me something before Friday at 3pm Toronto time. Dont wory about pretty renders, a preview is fine. All I care about is acting.

This “test” is optional of course. But you have a unique opportunity here.

Good luck!

Kyle Levy


And here’s the spot that won me the job:


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One Response to “How I got into Animation.”

  1. nik. Says:

    Congrats on the offer!

    Your Superman looks like he’s from Pixar

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