The Hopeless helping the Homeless.

I’ve been out of work many times over my career. And each time you can’t help but to feel a little hopeless. But even in the harshest of times, my heart still goes out to the underdog. Like Mike “The Looney Man,” as he’s referred to by the locals in my neighbourhood.

Mike is known as the Looney Man because all you’ll ever hear him say as you pass by is, “Do you have a Looney?” in an Elmer Fudd meets John Tesh kinda voice. Unknowingly, he really annoys a lot of the locals.

So I figured one day since I can’t help him out with any money (as I was just a couple of government cheques away from joining him), I’d whip up something creative for Mike to aid in his Looney collecting.

Recognizing that Mike is indeed a character as he’s already established himself as the Looney Man, but repels people from giving him money with his approach, I thought what would be best for Mike is if he kept his mouth closed, and let something else do the talking for him.

So I created the Looney Man T-shirt. Check out the picture below.

Thanks to the Looney Man T-shirt, which quietly asks for the Looney’s he so desires in a fun and entertaining way – along with complimentary Looney Bin (no pun intended) – Mike was able to see a 40% increase in Looney’s month over month! Better still, Mike enjoyed a 60% decrease in “Get a job you loser.” from passerby’s.



One Response to “The Hopeless helping the Homeless.”

  1. nico Says:

    Great little story, like you blog a lot.

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