No news is…

Getting no response from a potential employer can be really tough. Even tougher perhaps is getting no response from someone you’ve freelanced for before. Especially when you feel you’ve done good work for them and have established a great rapport. You end up being left with a lot of questions and doubt.

This happened recently to me. I had been trying to contact a Creative Director that I had previously done some campaign work for and was getting no response. I emailed, then a week later, politely emailed again. Then I placed a phone call. David (we’ll call him) picked up, said he was busy and asked me to phone back to which I got his answering machine. I left a message simply saying “Just checking to see if you need any help around the agency…” and again, no reply.

By now I was definitely feeling dissed. And where most people would surmise that it’d be best to leave it alone, and wonder quietly what the reason for the non-reply is… I decided that I’d try something different.

Here’s what I did. A new and improved email:

Subject: No news is..

Hi David,

Hope things are pleasantly busy over there.

Just wanted to write you and say that I’m a big believer in the saying “No News Is Good News.”

And since I haven’t heard from you in a while, I’m guessing that means it’s really great news!

So with that said… when do I start?


—  Jeremy

Ya… it’s ballsy. But it worked because David called me back.

Now it didn’t land me a job right away, but what David ended up telling me is that they had won some new business and that there may be some opportunities in the coming months so I should check back then.

So next time someone is putting you on ignore, you may prefer to leave it alone. And if the thought of  “Why aren’t they calling back? Or, What did I do wrong?” doesn’t nag away at you. You can just write off that potential future opportunity.

But if you are determined not only for answers, but desire to stay top-of-mind in a non-aggressive / humorous way, then you may want to try something like the above.


One Response to “No news is…”

  1. erin Says:

    wow.. you are my hero

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