The world’s best promo bar none! Well… maybe a couple of bars.

You can be the world’s most talented _________ (fill in the blank). But if nobody knows about you, then you might as well consider yourself the world’s worst. Because no one is using you, so it makes no difference.

Take Kurt Hahn for example, probably one of the world’s most talented musicians / composers around. The guy could play a piece on the piano that would bring a tear to Liberace’s eye and a flutter to Anne Murray’s heart.

Now all Kurt wanted to do was to score music for television commercials. He tried the conventional route of picking up the phone and sending emails and… he got nothing. Not a stitch of work. See, no one knew who he was and in many industries, especially advertising, no one’s really gonna give someone they’ve never heard of a chance.

That is until the day he put out a demo created by a couple of crafty Ad men, that put his name on the tips of the tongues of everyone in the Advertising business.

Have a listen:

The result: Did it work? Of course it worked! I shouldn’t even have to type that.


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