Dear fellow faithful OutOfWorkAdGuy followers. I write to you as still an Ad guy out of work. Mostly by choice mind you. Between the search for an agency that values the truly creative, and possibly another industry where I can put my talents to good use, I happy to report that I am still creating, and working away on projects that fulfill my most demanding of creative desires. These projects are solely for myself and not for any client. And as of today, I will be sharing them with you. All of them.

Up until now, this OutOfWorkAdGuy blog has been filled with stories of past creative successes. And as interesting and enjoyable as some of you may find them, there is something essentially missing.

The failures.

All those creative failures that I’ve had, that until recently, I realized would make this blog a whole lot more real. For, for every great, successful idea that I come up with, there are about 50 turkeys that accompany it. It’s a fact that even the most successful people fail more than they succeed. So moving forward with this blog, as I embark on new creative conquests, I will be bringing all the ideas I create to you. The good, the bad and the ugly.

In doing so, you’ll be able to see the thought process behind the idea, the execution and the payoff (if there is one). Hopefully this will educate and inspire, as this is my intent with this blog.

And so with this said, I would like to announce that in the coming weeks – perhaps months – I will be launching a new campaign with an absolutely way-out-there idea so big; it might just garner some media attention.

Now I can’t reveal it today as I am still in the stage where idea theft is quite possible. But should I succeed, it could very well send me into the ideas hall of fame. However, should I fail, I’ll risk looking like a bumbling idiot truly worthy of the name, OutOfWorkAdGuy.

Be back soon.


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