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Stickers from the OutOfWorkAdGuy campaign

November 7, 2009

I created this OutOfWorkAdGuy campaign initially to offer my advertising services to small business owners. In order to advertise for them, I needed to advertise for myself.

So to promote the OutOfWorkAdGuy campaign I created stickers, and placed them on parking meters to attract attention. Many people put posters and stickers on street posts. I’m not quite sure why when if you put a sticker on something like a parking meter, people are forced to read it because it’s right in their face.

All in all, the stickers were such a hit that a reporter from Global News saw them, and contacted me right away to see if I wanted to go on TV and talk about my campaign.

And I did. Talk about advertising leading to more advertising.

Here’s the stickers that everyone saw:


The interview from the campaign that started this blog.

November 5, 2009

It was a dark and stormy day back in November of 2008…

Ok, ok. I won’t tell a horror story here, but on that dreadful day I was fired from my well paying job at a multi-national advertising agency that sent me into a long and painful bout of unemployment.

It was the biggest financial melt-down of our time and ┬ánothing I did seemed to work. I’ve always been a creative person but I was really at a loss for ideas this time and unemployment was really getting the better of me. A man can only take so much video games and Oprah.

Then, one day it hit me. And here’s what it was:

After this aired, a ton of emails and phone calls poured in from small business owners looking for help with their advertising. A creative success if I do say so myself.